Unlocking the Power of Liberia’s Communities

Reliable, safe, renewable electricity designed for where and how you live.


Liberia’s Sustainable Power.

Electricity creates opportunities — opportunities to learn, communicate, start a business, and build a better life. A billion people worldwide are missing out on these opportunities even though reliable, safe electricity is now affordable for nearly anyone.

Less than 1% of rural Liberians have access to electricity.

We aim to serve the remaining



Designed for Liberia

Our solar nano-grids are designed for reliability in Liberia’s challenging climate. We assemble many components ourselves, ensuring that repairs can be made quickly with locally-available materials and expertise.

Our business model, based on behavioral economics research, leverages the strength of rural communities to collect payments and perform basic maintenance. Our focus on communities improves on-time payments and reduces operating costs, allowing us to serve economically-disadvantaged areas typically overlooked by the private sector.

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Our Product



Payments collected by community official and deposited in secure cash box


Households pay $8 per month; public buildings receive lights for free


Solar panels and batteries provide at least 5 hours of light per day for each house



Households receive 2 lights, a radio, and USB charging


Insufficient payment results in system shut off for entire community


Our Impact

Solar mini-grids are the least cost option for electrifying 100 million people in Africa. Our solar grids reduce the risk of household fire and offer a window to the world by expanding access to radio, mobile phones, TV, and internet. The grids can power a range of income-generating business equipment and, by providing free lighting for public buildings, allow people to socialize after dark.

Solar grids offer not only clean, safe, affordable, and high-quality lighting, but also a first step towards a brighter future. By establishing a payment history, solar grids accelerate financial inclusion and increase access to loans and other financial services. LIB Solar is currently conducting a study to quantify the impact of our systems on household income and expenditures as well as carbon emissions.